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Contact Examware: We appreciate the many comments and suggestions that we receive from our web audience, so please, if you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements then do let us know - we take your comments very seriously.

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Examware for Windows 95
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For your convenience then you can also send mail to us by using our simple to use Web Mail.
Shown below are details on how to contact Examware. In an effort to help us respond to your query as quickly as possible then mail should be addressed to the appropriate department.

Sales enquiries
For any enquiries relating to product sales, Examware licensing or advertising then please mail us at the following page: Sales Team

Initial advertising enquiries are dealt with by our sales department. They can provide you with details on pricing guidelines and details on product placement. Sales Department

For any queries, setup problems relating to our products or general comments then you should contact our Support Desk at the following page: Support Desk

As for other sales enquiries then you should initially contact our sales department at the following page: Sales Department

For all other commercial  enquiries which do not fall under any of the above categories then please feel free to contact us using our Web Mail page.

You may also send a facsimile to us at the following United States fax number : 603-994 9790

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Orr & Associates improve user performance on computer systems with process analysis, documentation, training development, and usability testing. Find out more about Orr & Associates at their web site.
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Home of World Class Software Consultants that specialize in debug, integration and test at all levels and phases of the life cycle.Over 26 years experience with Fortune 1000 companies. This is an interesting company.
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