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Corel Certifications: Corel has a very nice, easy to navigate certification section on their web site where you can find out more about becoming Corel certified, with lots of other resources there too. You can also download a sample exam to give yourself an idea as to what is actually involved in the tests.

Amazon.com: Certification Central
Go to Corel Certification Page
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   Low priced certification books...Amazon.com Certification Central has all sorts of exam books
Select Certification    and then 
Corel has enhanced its certification program by offering application-simulated exams delivered over the Web using the latest technology. This means that, instead of answering multiple choice questions and memorizing menus, you will be tested within the application and assessed on your ability to perform simulated day-to-day tasks. Each exam consists of 40 to 60 questions, and are also very reasonably priced. Amongst other benefits, once you become certified you are also eligible for product discounts.
Corel Certified Proficient User (CCP)
As a Corel Certified Proficient User, you have the skills to perform routine tasks on existing documents, and you can produce new documents using templates and the basic features of the following Corel products: Corel® WordPerfect®, Corel® Quattro® Pro, Corel® Presentations™, CorelDRAW® and Corel PHOTO-PAINT®. You can find out information about the certification requirements for each of the products for this level at the Corel® Certified Proficient Users web page.

Corel Certified Expert User (CCE)
To obtain Corel Certified Expert User status, you must pass one or more of the certification exams at the Expert-user level. The Corel Certified Expert User has the skills to produce complex, nonroutine documents requiring features such as graphics, charts, formulas and tables. At this level, you have the skills to produce formal reports, brochures, technical manuals, and company publications and statistical data summaries. For information about the certification requirements for each of the products at this level at then the Corel® Certified Expert User web page is the place to go.

Corel® Certified Instructor (CCI)
As a Corel® Certified Instructor (CCI), you provide training on Corel’s applications. You must be able to teach users whose skills range from beginner to expert and also perform all of the tasks listed for both the Proficient and Expert level exams. To obtain CCI status, you are required to pass the exam at the Expert-user level on the application for which you are seeking instructor status, and provide Corel with proof of your teaching/training experience or credentials. More information is available at the Corel® Certified Instructor web page.

Search the Corel Web Site for:

For information regarding registration, and a complete listing of Corel examinations and other related Corel certification information then please visit the Corel Certification home page.

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Looking for the latest Corel news ? Here's the place to go - updated almost daily Corel's news page always has some interesting information about product releases and company news. You can also find product reviews from the same link.
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Here you can get three months of free on-line access to the COREL MAGAZINE. You need to complete a registration form first, but as soon as you have done then you'll be able to access the magazine.
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