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C/C++ Tutorials:  Although many on-line tutorials you need to pay for the tutorials which we have selected for you are entirely free. Although few of these C/C++ tutorials are certification related they are still very useful reference guides. Know of other good C or C++ tutorials? More C++ Resources.

John Wiley - Publishers
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GoTo : Introduction to C Programming
This series contains a set of tutorials that help you to learn about the C programming language. These tutorials start with the assumption that you know a procedural language like Pascal or Fortran already, and simply want to map that knowledge to C.
GoTo : Understanding C++: An Accelerated Introduction
The goal of these tutorials is to help you to gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts driving C++ in a quick and painless way. They let you begin thinking in an "object oriented way". Once you understand the fundamentals, the rest of the language is relatively straightforward because you will have a framework on which to attach other details as you need them.
GoTo : An Introduction to C++ Class Hierarchies
The purpose of this article is to introduce SST - the Super Simple Toolkit - as an example class hierarchy. SST is a GUI class hierarchy that allows you to create super simple GUI applications, and experiment with a class hierarchy concepts in the process.
GoTo : C++ Language Tutorial
This extensive tutorial teaches the C++ programming language but assumes that the student has already attained a reasonable proficiency in C programming. It is composed of 12 chapters which should be studied in order since topics are introduced in a logical order and build upon topics introduced in previous chapters.
GoTo : C++ Tutorial Files
Here is a set of files which may help you in your quest to learn a subset of C++. Source code for various exercises and examples can be also be downloaded.
GoTo : Turbo C++ Tutorial
This tutorial is broken into sections. Each section will contain an important aspect of C++. To learn the basics just start at the beginning and go strait through. It is recommended that you have access to a C++ Compiler which you can use to write practice programs.
GoTo : C Programming
The notes on these pages are for the courses in C Programming taught at the Experimental College at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Normally these notes accompany fairly traditional classroom lecture presentations, but should also be usable as standalone tutorials.
GoTo : Introduction to C Programming
The course is split up into several sections, or lessons, which include C example programs for you to demonstrate what has been taught. Although the ordering of the sections does not have to be strictly followed, the sections become progressively more involved and assume background knowledge attained from previous sections.
GoTo : C Programming
An excellent and very expansive C language tutorial brought to you from University of Strathclyde Computer Centre, Glasgow. This tutorial goes from the very basics to more advanced C topics.
GoTo : Programming in C
Another university style C programming tutorial, but each of them have slightly different information to the next, and this tutorial is no exception - take a look, you may well find what you're looking for.
GoTo : C Programming, v2.7
This self study guide is not a definitive guide to C, but is designed to help you program quickly and effectively in C. It is packed with heaps of examples, inter-active tests, and a complete set of on-line notes.
GoTo : Introduction to object-oriented programming using C++
This course was intended for students who want to learn more about object-oriented programming. Concepts presented are exemplified using the C++ programming language. This course is not intended to learn C++ in all its details, but is nonetheless very informative.
GoTo : C++ Annotations
This document is intended for knowledgeable users of C who would like to make the transition to C++. It is a guide for programming courses which are given yearly at the University of Groningen. As such, this document is not a complete C++ handbook. Rather, it serves as an addition to other documentation sources.
GoTo : C Programming for Beginners
The said objective of this tutorial is to give an informative look into the C programming language with examples and informative tables. As yet unfinished, but nicely presented with some interesting topics and claims of more to follow.
GoTo : 3D Engine Tutorial
This tutorial is designed to teach you how to make a 3D engine, with a few other random tidbits of information thrown in. It assumes you have a good understanding of C, and are working in a DOS or Windows environment. However, even if you are coding for another platform, some of the material should still be useful.
GoTo : C/C++ tutorial: loops and branches
This C/C++ tutorial is very nicely presented, and easy to navigate. Although not the most extensive of tutorials it still has some useful information. Suitable for beginners.
GoTo : C Language Tutorial
This tutorial teaches the entire C programming language. It is composed of 13 chapters which should be studied in order since topics are introduced in a logical order and build upon topics introduced in previous chapters.
GoTo : Tutorial: Programming in C
A fairly concise, but still useful C tutorial - taught using ANSI standard C, with notes on how to make the programs work on a non-ANSI compiler.
GoTo : C++ templates tutorial
This is an excellent tutorial, with everything you want to know about C++ templates. Easy to navigate and well presented - definitely worth a bookmark.
GoTo : An Introduction to C Programming
This module covers the basics of learning to program in C, data types, declarations, arrays, functions, structures, pointers, enumerated and union types, prototyping, macros, defines, includes, and file handling. The advanced section covers hardware access, port and memory access, interfacing to DOS and ROM BIOS, and programming RS232.
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We have lots of other resources available too, so take a few minutes to look around - we hope you find our site useful. We're growing all the time, and often adding new information, so we hope you will visit often.
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GoTo : AceFTP from Visicom Media 
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